Wednesday, December 29, 2010

3 Things to remember before Excel VBA Job Interview

Like giving interview is a skill, taking interview is another great skill. Ashish Jain have taken many interviews in the past and given more than he has taken and here he is sharing the content from his experience. Your interview experience may be totally different than he has mentioned here but you must be aware of it and should not miss some common things mentioned here. These are his personal views and have nothing to do any of his past or present employers.

If a good interviewer will conduct an interview, he will not probe your technical knowledge only but also how much logical and reasoning thinking you possess along with some programming etiquette. You must remember these 3 things are interviewed in a good Excel and VBA job interview for Analyst position:
1. General Programming Attitude
2. Knowledge of Excel Object Model
3. Excel Knowledge (Data Validation, Subtotal, Formulas etc.)

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