Sunday, May 20, 2007

Add Worksheets to Excel

Adding worksheets to Excel is very simple. For example, to add a Worksheet after the active sheet (default unless stated otherwise), name it "MySheet" and have it become the active sheet, you would use some code like shown below;

Sub AddWorksheet()
Worksheets.Add().Name = "MySheet"
End Sub

If we wanted to add a Worksheet as the last Worksheet and name it "MySheet" we would use;

Sub AddAsLastWorksheet()
Worksheets.Add (After:=Worksheets(Worksheets.Count)).Name = "MySheet"
End Sub

The Add Method as it applies to the Worksheet Object also has a Before Variant as well as an After Variant. However, we can only nominate a Before or After Variant, or omit the Argument altogether. If we do omit the Before and After Variants Excel places the Worksheet after the current active Sheet.

To add, say, 4 Worksheets we could use the Count Variant;

Sub AddXWorksheets()
Worksheets.Add After:=Worksheets(Worksheets.Count), Count:=4
End Sub

The only other Variant we can use if desired is the Type Variant. The Type specifies the sheet type. Can be one of the following XlSheetType constants: xlWorksheet, xlChart, xlExcel4MacroSheet, or xlExcel4IntlMacroSheet. If you are inserting a sheet based on an existing template, specify the path to the template (Recording a macro is best for this). The default value is xlWorksheet

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